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Online Meeting Information

This page was created to provide online meetings during the coronavirus outbreak.

In order to participate you must create an accoun ont he zoom website. Click here to join.

qrcode <------The password (ALLCAPS) for the meeting is the word in the upper right hand corner of the AA triangle

This mtg does sign court cards. Just scan or take a picture of the card and email it to

Please mute your microphone at all times unless you are speaking.

Meeting Schedule (All times are pacific daylight):

Monday - Book Study    Noon

Tuesday - Speaker      Noon

Wednesday - Newcomer   Noon

Thursday - Step Study  Noon

Thursday - Mens Stag   7pm

Friday - Speaker       Noon

Saturday - 88 Passages Noon

Sunday - Newcomer      Noon


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The Twelve Traditions

Chapter 3: More About Alcoholism

Chapter 5 How it Works

A Vision for You

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